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Welcome to O I C Leadership

Monday, April 22, 2024


Now, moving into our third decade of the 21st Century, “business as usual” is anything but that. The norm of top down, rigidly held hierarchical structures in business is disintegrating as humanity moves forward in its march to greater individual empowerment and greater interdependency, more inclusiveness, higher levels of understanding and engagement. The unprecedented access to information and new technology in today's world create fluid and ever-changing environments, requiring businesses to be flexible and responsive to new conditions.

Even so, the requirement for your organization to meet the needs of your customers and other stakeholders does not change. It is your North Star, held within the larger context of serving people, profit and purpose. One thing that the 21st century workplace understands is that when individuals thrive, the organization thrives.

O I C Leadership takes a “thriving” approach based on the premise that leadership is not a title, the size of your office or the number of people reporting to you. It is WHO you are, HOW you show up and the WAY you treat others. It's about the alignment of your values and behaviors. It's about being your authentic . . . and best . . . self.

O I C Leadership understands that the beliefs, actions and behaviors of individuals at all levels of the organization ultimately make for a flourishing environment.  It is about taking accountability for one’s life and current circumstances.  It’s not making excuses, not blaming, and not playing the “if only” game.  It’s giving people the benefit of the doubt and assuming positive intentions. It’s being timely with both constructive and appreciative feedback and delivering it in a caring and thoughtful manner.  It’s listening at a meaningful level.  It’s modeling the behavior that you want to see in others. 

O I C Leadership begins with you. It recognizes that we are all leaders in our right, and the more we develop ourselves, the more we can:

* creatively and effectively perform our duties and responsibilities

* positively influence the attitudes and behaviors of those around us

* develop healthy and respectful working relationships

* and …ultimately, find greater purpose, meaning and satisfaction in our personal and professional lives.

O I C Leadership: From Insight to Action ... Pointing the Way.

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